Market Advisor - Quoting Tutorials

Watch a few of our quick tool demonstrations to get up to speed with how to navigate the Market Advisor quoting tools.

Quick Overview

Take a quick look at the Market Advisor quoting tools as we run a Medicare Supplement quote.

Market Advisor: Search & Save Prescription Drugs and Pharmacies

Easily find, save and update data based on client’s changing needs, year after year.

Health Condition & Medication Underwriting Filter

Take a look at our new Medicare Supplement underwriting filter which will display carriers that will accept selected health conditions and medications.

Universal Comparison Feature

Watch as we put two quotes from different product lines, side by side — a convenient feature when cross-selling.

Medicare Advantage

Watch a full demonstration of the Medicare Advantage and Part D quoting tool. Learn how to compare plan benefits, view enrollment data and check carrier formulary and pharmacy websites.

Fill the Gaps Feature - New

Check out the ultimate Medicare Advantage and Hospital Indemnity cross-selling tool. Run a side-by-side comparison of how a Hospital Indemnity plan can help fill the gaps of a Medicare Advantage Plan. Compare multiple Med Adv and Hospital Indemnity plans at the same time.

Final Expense Life

A demonstration of the Final Expense Life quoting tool.

Dental Tool

A demonstration of the Dental quoting tool.

Market Prospect: Medicare Supplement Website Plug-in

A demonstration of the Medigap Website Plug-in via Free Medicare Report. Provide a way for your customers to run a Medicare Supplement quote from your website.

Mobile Application

A quick demonstration of the Market Advisor mobile app (available on iOS and Android devices).

*Logging into the mobile app requires a “Complete” Plan Subscription.