Integrity Marketing Group, LLC, a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, announced it has partnered with Axxess Benefit Consultants, an independent marketing organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, and led by Eric and Leslie McGuffie.

“Eric and Leslie are great examples of how hard work matched with a sincere desire to help others can lead to accomplishments,” shared Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “They are devoted to providing their agents with the necessary support to succeed — which is exactly what drives everything we do at Integrity! Our team is constantly working to expand and improve our Suite of Solutions to better protect the life, health and wealth of all Americans. Through an Integrity partnership, agencies like Axxess can expand into new markets and drive business growth while supporting their clients more holistically. This partnership is a clear win-win for Axxess and Integrity, and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Eric and Leslie into the Integrity family.”

With a specialty in Medicare, Axxess provides insurance and retirement planning solutions specifically tailored to client needs across the Southeast. Founder Eric McGuffie brings more than 30 years of industry and leadership experience and expertise to the Axxess family of agents. His gift for building relationships at every level of the insurance system has cultivated extensive industry and community opportunities, which he extends to his team.

“Our goal is to provide value to every stakeholder at each step of the insurance process,” explained Eric McGuffie, CEO of Axxess Benefit Consultants. “Integrity’s technology puts immense capability and value at our team’s fingertips, ultimately benefitting the agents and clients they serve. We can’t wait to utilize LeadCENTER and MedicareCENTER to help agents grow their business and serve more effectively and efficiently. I’m also excited to discover synergies with other partners in Integrity’s network to empower even more achievements. With Integrity, we feel energized for the future and are confident we have the support we need to move our business forward.”

“While balancing the growth of our business with raising our family, we emphasized values such as honesty, integrity and service. I see an alignment of those values in Integrity,” said Leslie McGuffie, COO of Axxess Benefit Consultants. “We care deeply about our agents — they are an extension of our family, and we want to support their success in every way possible. Integrity offers the transformative resources and systems that help our agents grow their existing Medicare business, as well as expand into new offerings, such as life and wealth. This partnership gives us the opportunity to strengthen our legacy as we continue to grow and reach our potential. Integrity is on the rise, and we are thrilled that Axxess is now a part of it!”

“Eric and Leslie are two of the most genuine and committed leaders in the industry, with a passion for connecting and serving,” shared Tegrey Moot, Managing Director at Integrity. “With Integrity’s industry-leading technology, as well as access to top products and carriers, Axxess can serve more clients better than ever before. It’s always meaningful to see good people like Eric and Leslie succeed — and it will be even more meaningful to watch them grow through the strength of Integrity’s platforms.”

The McGuffies add their decades of experience to Integrity’s partner team, a collective of the industry’s foremost insurance and finance leaders. This impressive group collaborates to improve financial and insurance support processes and expand protection of the life, health and wealth of all Americans. Integrity’s holistic solutions are reshaping the way consumers interact with insurance and financial products, helping them plan for the good days ahead.

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