Integrity Marketing Group, LLC, a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, has been named one of Inc.’s 2023 Power Partners. The annual Power Partners list recognizes the country’s leading B2B companies who are devoted to supporting entrepreneurs with the most effective tools and resources they need to grow their companies. Integrity is featured alongside other highly acclaimed business leaders, including Visa, UPS, Zoom, Capital One Business, Slack and Expedia Group, among many others.

“Every part of Integrity is designed to help entrepreneurs transform into exceptional leaders,” explained Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “The Integrity insurtech platform outfits our partners with the most cutting-edge products and world-class resources, including Ask Integrity, the industry’s foremost AI solution, so they can help American families better plan for the good days ahead. We are honored to be named to Inc.’s 2023 Power Partners list, which places Integrity in good company with impressive businesses who mirror our commitment to innovation. Integrity is just getting started innovating new advancements that will shape the future of insurance. We are expansively creating the best solutions for our clients and partners to make their lives easier, their workflow more intuitive and their connections deeper with those they serve!”

The Power Partner Award recognizes the highest caliber of companies across critical areas of business, including insurance, financial services, health and wellness, legal and business products. Inc.’s rigorous methodology includes anonymous client surveys and feedback, online sentiment analysis from Inc.’s data partner, Meltwater, and research and analysis of data by Inc. reporters.

“Using our core values as touchstones, our mission is to ensure our clients know they are valued partners and members of our Integrity family,” said Tom Dempsey, Chief Distribution Officer at Integrity. “Integrity has always held a vision of innovation — a vision we strive to pass to our clients. Every company that aligns its future with Integrity receives the full strength of the Integrity engine. By offering comprehensive solutions, end-to-end support, and instrumental leadership guidance, we are helping all stakeholders experience a more streamlined insurance process.”

“Partners that possess a demonstrated ability to deliver quality support are at the core of entrepreneurship and help bring big ideas to life,” explained Scott Omelianuk, Editor-in-Chief, Inc. Business Media.

“Integrity’s impact on their partners’ growth is transforming the industry,” shared Steve Young, Integrity’s Chairman of the Board. “Being recognized as an Inc. Power Partner only further solidifies their leadership in this space. They have revolutionized the way the entire marketplace works together with a unified vision of bringing more holistic solutions to consumers. Integrity has proven time and time again that when businesses come together in unity of mission and purpose that incredible results can be achieved in faster and more efficient ways than we’ve ever before seen or experienced in this industry.”

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