Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), one of the leading independent distributors of life, health and wealth products, is proud to announce it has received the Best Company for Women award from Comparably, a leading workforce surveyor. Awarded to Integrity, this recognition honors companies that excel in cultivating a collaborative, respectful and inclusive workplace environment.

“When our employees know their individuality, contributions and perspectives are embraced and valued, they are empowered to move forward and create world-class experiences for our clients and partners,” explained Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “Integrity, Family, Service, Partnership and Respect are more than just traits we admire — these are the core values that we actively promote and strive to embody in our daily interactions. We want to stand out as a company that is purposefully committed to fostering respect at every employment level. This means every employee sees a path for professional advancement and continued achievement. This environment of being values-based furthers Integrity’s trailblazing mission to innovate insurance and financial services for all stakeholders. Our women employees bring immense contributions that move us toward this goal and we’re grateful and humbled to know that they feel Integrity provides them with an equitable environment to grow and be successful!”

Based largely on employee feedback, this award underscores Integrity’s impressive and engaging workplace culture, built on a foundation of equality and respect. Comparably bestows the Best Company for Women award based on ratings and testimonials from current employees across more than 70,000 companies. The award considers nearly 20 core workplace culture metrics such as leadership, work-life balance, professional development and work environment. Integrity joins other notable award recipients such as IBM, AT&T and Adobe.

“Prioritizing workplace diversity and employee wellbeing results in enthusiastic, engaged employees who are eager to join and stay with our organization,” explained Anne Wood, Chief Marketing Officer of Integrity. “Integrity has created a deep talent pool of best-in-class team members who build strong relationships with our clients and who develop and deliver revolutionary products that are transforming the entire insurance and financial services experience. We want to help our employees to have deep pride and excitement in coming to work for Integrity each day. By focusing on our employees as our greatest asset, we advance our mission of innovation together.”

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