eHealth’s report examines plan selection trends and average premiums among Medicare beneficiaries shopping at eHealth between October 15 and November 8, 2020. It also includes key findings from their survey of more than 2,100 Medicare beneficiaries conducted in late October.

Key findings from their report:

  • Most enrollees reconsider their Medicare plan options annually:
    • 75% of respondents reconsider their Medicare coverage options once per year
    • 6% reconsider every other year
    • 7% reconsider every few years
    • 12% say they never reconsider their coverage options
  • What is most important to beneficiaries when picking a Medicare plan
    • 29% of respondents say affordable out-of-pocket costs
    • 27% cite monthly premium is their top consideration
    • 26% cite access to preferred doctors, hospitals or pharmacies
    • 9% cite prescription drug coverage is their top consideration
    • 6% cite access to dental & vision benefits

 86% of those selecting Medicare Advantage chose plans with a $0 monthly premium

Read the full eHealth report here