Integrity Marketing Group, LLC, a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, announced it has partnered with Solidity Insurance Group, an independent marketing organization based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and led by Marysa Maggio. Financial details of the partnership were not disclosed.

“Marysa’s positivity and entrepreneurial spirit have shaped her into a remarkable leader who understands how to make the most of an opportunity,” shared Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “She is deeply committed to the success of her agents and understands the ‘Integrity Effect’ of substantial growth that comes from leveraging our leading resources, best-in-class technology and important industry relationships. This partnership will keep Marysa and her team at the forefront of innovation and help them remain nimble while empowering growth through cutting-edge systems and technology. She has been an influential leader in helping to recruit young, dynamic agents into the industry, and I have no doubt that Solidity Insurance Group will accomplish significant milestones by partnering with Integrity — we welcome them to our family!”

As a young adult, Maggio experienced the security a life insurance policy can provide for surviving family members. Her personal experience as a beneficiary motivated her to launch Solidity Insurance Group with a commitment to protect as many families as possible. Maggio and her team work with clients across the country to educate them about the necessity and significant impact of life insurance, regardless of financial circumstances. Maggio also brings a unique aptitude for helping new agents forge a path to success in the industry, changing their lives as well as those they serve.

“Personal experience has taught me that life insurance is a necessity, not a luxury, and I’m passionate about helping families ensure their loved ones are protected,” explained Marysa Maggio, President of Solidity Insurance Group. “This partnership offers me a platform to reach more families than ever before. With Integrity, I can turn to the industry’s leading experts for guidance and support. It’s empowering to have industry leaders support and guide me, offering their expertise on how to reach new milestones. Access to Integrity’s dynamic leadership and its comprehensive technology suite of solutions will also help us recruit new agents and continue to develop the potential of our amazing team. I’m confident Solidity Insurance Group has nothing but growth ahead as an Integrity partner.”

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