U.S. insurers generated more than $380 billion in annuity payments of all kinds in 2022, up from $325 billion in 2021, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Top 12

  1. Apollo Global $32.0 billion
  2. Mass Mutual  $22.7 billion
  3. AIG  $20.8 billion
  4. New York Life  $19.4 billion
  5. Lincoln Financial  $17.78 billion
  6. Nationwide  $17.76 billion
  7. Prudential  $17.5 billion
  8. Equitable  $16.1 billion
  9. Jackson  $15.9 billion
  10. TIAA  $15.2 billion
  11. Allianz  $14.1 billion
  12. Met Life  $12.9 billion

The Data

The NAIC is a group for state insurance regulators. It takes in insurers’ annual reports, and it compiles revenue ranking summary data to help members identify the top insurers and detect high levels of market concentration.

The current NAIC annuity considerations rankings are based on filings that the NAIC had received by Monday. The NAIC has now received about 95% of the 2022 annual report filings that it expects to receive.

The numbers include “direct premiums,” or premiums companies received because they themselves wrote annuities. The totals do not include the premiums insurers collect in connection with reinsurance agreements.

The Totals

The top 12 annuity issuers’ share of total annuity considerations fell a little between 2021 and last year, to 58.5%, from 58.8%.

The amount of revenue needed for a company to rank in the top 12 increased to $12.9 billion, from $12 billion.

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