U.S. individual life insurance application activity continued to increase in February, and activity growth for applicants under 30 was especially strong, according to new MIB Group data.

The insurance data-sharing consortium saw the number of applications flowing through its application-checking systems increase 3.0% from the number recorded in February 2022.

Activity for consumers under 30 was up 8.9%, and activity for term life policies — which help consumers who are focusing on maximizing the amount of death benefits per premium dollar — was up. That compares with a year-over-year increase of 14.1% in January.

Overall activity was down from a year-over-year increase of 8.6% in January, but it’s up from a decrease of 4.3% in 2022.

The Age Breakdown

Here are the activity change figures, for February, for applicants in five different age groups:

  • Ages zero-30: +8.9%
  • Ages 31-50: +4.8%
  • Ages 51-60: -2.3 %
  • Ages 61-70: -3.6%
  • Ages 71 and older: -1.0%
The Policygenius Price Index

In the index report tables, the broker posts average monthly premium prices for clients who buy 20-year, level-premium term life coverage.

The most affordable coverage in the tables is for a 25-year-old female nonsmoker who needs $250,000 in death benefits, and the most expensive coverage is for a 55-year-old male smoker who needs $1 million in death benefits.

This month, the cost for the 25-year-old female nonsmoker seeking $250,000 in coverage increased 1% from the average for March 2022, to $14.40.

The cost of coverage for the 55-year-old male smoker seeking $1 million in coverage, fell 1.3%, to $1,006.92, from $1,019.92.

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