2nd Quarter 2021 Highlights:

  • Revenues of $71.3 Billion Grew 15%
  • Earnings from Operations were $6.0 Billion
  • The second quarter 2021 medical care ratio of 82.8% compared to 70.2% last year, with the variance due to second quarter 2020 COVID-19 effects
  • Based upon first half 2021 performance, the Company increased its full year net earnings outlook to $17.35 to $17.85 per share and adjusted earnings to $18.30 to $18.80 per share. The outlook continues to include approximately $1.80 per share in potential net unfavorable COVID-19 effects

Medicare Supplement lives in the 2nd quarter 2021 were flat compared to end of the prior quarter.  The UHC enrollment table below features Standardized and Modernized policy in-force counts of 4,390,000 as of 6/30/2021, a 60,000 decrease in the past 12 months.


This UHC enrollment table shows Medicare Advantage enrollment counts of 6,385,000 as of 6/30/2021, a 780,000 increase in the past year.


This combined UHC enrollment table shows Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage enrollment counts of 10,775,000, a 720,000 increase in the past year.  The 720,000 enrollment increase in the past 12 months is a 7.2% increase over the combined enrollment counts at 2nd quarter 2020.